VODOOL - Auriculares Bluetooth 5.0 Auriculares Mini auriculares inalám

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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Auriculares inalámbricos
  • Auriculares
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Detalle de producto

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2 x Bluetooth headset
1 x Charging Box
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Earmuff


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Auriculares inalámbricos
  • Auriculares
1. Hi-Fi sound quality, adaptive noise reduction, true wireless stereo.
2. 5-level waterproof function, dustproof, touch.
3. Digital Silicon Mai, CVC sixth generation call noise reduction technology, omnidirectional microphone.
4. Listening to the song takes about 3-4 hours, the talk time is about 5-6 hours, and the standby time is 240 hours.
5. Support one matching two connected devices.
6. Support A2DP/HFP1.6HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/DI1.3.

Model: G2
Gross weight: 115g

Net weight: 48.5g

Color: Black, White
Packing size: 128*69*50mm/5.03*2.71*1.96''
Bluetooth: Raychem chip, version 5.0
Audio range: 50Hz-24kHz
Resistance: 32Ohms
Maximum output performance: 30mW (IEC)
Wireless range: 10-15m
Acceptance sensitivity: -101db SPL/1mW
Headphone battery capacity: 45mAh
Base battery capacity: 450mAh

Bluetooth pairing steps:
1. Two earphones are touched for 3 seconds until the red and blue lights are flashing to indicate that they are powered on.
2. The headset will be paired automatically after booting
3. Turm on the Bluetooth device of the mobile phone, search for the device name as 'G2' and click on the connection. After the connection is successful, you can call and listen to music.

Instruction for use:
1. The left and right earphones can be used separately:
When first used, both headphones are turned on at the same time, and the ear will be automatically interconnected into stereo.
The flashing red and blue lights enter the pairing state; at this time, the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on to search for new available devices, and G2 is selected to complete the pairing connection.
After the mobile phone is successfully paired with the ear, there is no need to pair again; the mobile phone is turned on, and the ear will automatically connect back after it is turned on.
2. After the connection is successful, the phone and listen to music are both channels.
3. During music playback, tap once to pause or play, tap twice for the previous track, tap three times for the next track, and listen to music for stereo two-channel.
4. During standby or music playback, long press the MFB button 3 to be Siri, start voice dialing or voice assistant (requires mobile phone support).
5. Shut down just touch any one headset for 3 seconds, the other will automatically shut down at the same time.
6. The headset is charged, when the headset is placed down the charging stand, the red light is indicated as the charging state, and the charging will be automatically turned off after the charging is completed.
7. Charging stand, with a dedicated charging line, when charging, when the four indicators are on, it is fully charged.
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