Tipo C USB3.1 a USB2.0 7 puertos de alta velocidad de carga de concentradores Para Macbook 2015

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  • Color:Black
  • Size: 172x43x21mm
  • Cable length:260mm
  • Sleek & Slim Design
  • Double-sided insert
  • Non-interference
  • Anti-Electromagnetic
  • Stable Data Syncing
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Detalle del Producto

In nowadays' Internet or newspaper, the concept of Type C was advertised as a magic story. However, the truth is that most of the present Type C interface is actually, so called USB3.1 Gen 1 ( 5Gbps). To be a new concept interface Type C is inevitable associated with traditional USB3.0, USB2.0 interface. Here we made out the following Type C Interface USB2.0 7 ports Hub adapter to meet the basic needs of Type C interfaced New MAC OS X machines users.

Interface A: Type C Interface with USB 3.0 speed
Interface B: USB 2.0 Hub x 7 Port
Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.10
Maximum transmission rate: 10Gbps(1GB/s)
Material of Shell: PC fireproof plastic material
Material of Wire: Pure Copper UL
Size: 172x43x21mm/6.7x1.9x0.9inch
Cable length:260mm/10.2inch

Sleek & Slim Design With its premium aluminum exterior and compact design,
The Adapter cable can convert the Micro USB 2.0 cable to New type C device
Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1
Reversible Design for Type C connector
Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction
Double-sided insert---The Type-C supports positive and negative plug,without fear of misplugging
USB 3.1 Type C is backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0

Use smaller but stronger elements, 11mm thin. Amazingly simple, delicate, small and handy. Easy to put into your bag when you are at work or on business trip. Carry with Hub to work and trip more convenient.
Anti-Electromagnetic Wave Interference.
Stable Data Syncing and Charging.
Non-interference Design lossless transmission.
Keep your data from being interrupted by surrounding signals.
The perfect partner for your new MacBook and more.


Tamaño (L x P x A cm) 20.00 x 15.00 x 15.00
Peso (kg) 0.09
Condición del producto Nuevo

Qué hay en la caja

  • 1x USB Type-C to 7X USB HUB

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