Fabricante de 6L 90W automático Negro Ajo Natural Yogurt Machine Timable Fermento

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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

1. Multifunción. Para hacer solo de ajo, ajo, yoguar, natto, enzima, vino sweer y desinfección fuego lento, la preservación del calor de secado 2. Fermentación modo y 6-12 días de tiempo de fermentación se pueden elegir libremente . 3. Puede fermentar unos 3-4 kg de ajo. Y ajo negro húmedo se puede secar para mejorar el efecto de fermentación después de la fermentación . 4. titular Triple-capa inoxidable para 6L gran capacidad . 5. Espesar olla interior para ser calentado uniformemente . 6. mango independiente, fácil de usar.
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Detalle de producto

Bella Donna-SKUB30509
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1 x Negro ajo fermentador de 1 x 1 x Olla Interior inoxidable Titular 1 x cable de alimentación 1 x Manual del usuario




Package include:
1 x Black Garlic Fermenter
1 x Inner Pot
1 x Stainless Holder
1 x Power Cable
1 x User Manual

1. Model: B30509
2. Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Housing
3. Color: Gold
4. Capacity: 6L
5. Plug: AU
6. Rated Power:90W

1. Multi-function. To make solo garlic, garlic, yoguar, natto, enzyme, sweer wine and simmer desinfection, drying heat preservation.
2. Fermentation mode and 6-12 days of fermentation time can be freely chosen.
3. You can ferment about 3-4 kg garlic. And wet black garlic can be dried to e nhance the fermentation effect after fermentation.
4. Triple-layer stainless holder for 6L large capacity.
5. Thicken inner pot for being heated evenly.
6. Independent handle, easy to use.
7. It adopts upper, middle and lower omnidirectional three-dimensional heating methods. The top, bottom and full circumference are heated and the internal temperature is even.This product is a smart full-automatic design. It does not need to add water or pour water during use. After use, there is no residual sewage at the bottom of the liner, which is clean and sanitary.
8. With power-off memory function, we recommended that you do not cut off or open the lid or cancel as long as possible during the fermentation process.
9. After the black garlic is removed from the fermentation, it must be oxidized in the shade to dry for about 5 days and it will become sweet. Otherwise sweetness is not enough.

How to use (Instructions)
1. Select fresh raw garlic or garlic head without peeling or cleaning. The garlic handle needs to be cut off first. It is recommended to buy only garlic production!
2. Put the garlic into the grid, put the garlic rack into the liner, and cover the lid.
3. Select the garlic mode and select 9-12 days of fermentation time.
4. When the corresponding function is working, there is an independent work indicator blinking. After the machine works, it will cycle and display the remaining fermentation days, the remaining fermentation hours, and the internal actual operating temperature.
5. You can use the drying mode to e nhance the fermentation effect after fermentation.
6. After the black garlic is removed from the fermentation, it must be oxidized in the shade to dry for about 5 days and it will become sweet. Otherwise sweetness is not enough. Black garlic on food box sealed + refrigerated shelf life of about 6 months.

1. Please allow a little error due to manual measurement.
2. Please read the user manual carefully before using.
3. We will send you an adapter according to your country.


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